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Transform yourself & unlock your deepest potential

with entheogenic integration coaching


Hello. I'm Clara. I offer a sacred container to

integrate your plant medicine journeys to work

on specific issues and transitions and embody

your consciousness, talents, and calling. 

Our Sessions Support You With:

Preparation, Navigation, And Integration           Psychospiritual Awakening And Blueprint

Inner Constraints, Triggers, Shadow Work        Unlocking: Wellbeing, Creativity, Purpose  

Ego Death And Making New Meaning          And Whatever Emerges In The Moment

Integration Techniques

Psychosynthesis & Shadow Work - Creative Imagination & Anchoring
Shamanic Practices & Journeying - Transpersonal Tools & More

Why Integration Matters

And How It Works


Psychedelic integration coaching involves processing the

insights and the soul teachings of your experience to consciously

reshape and develop essential aspects of your day-to-day.

It is a practice that focuses on the here and now and

makes use of the entheogenic afterglow to rewire the mind,

accelerate growth and tune into new potentials.

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