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Psychedelic Integration Testimonials

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Jessica Thomson


I found sessions with Clara really helpful, positive and transformative. We worked towards integrating different parts that came for me, in what felt like a safe, nonjudgmental and professional space. 


Throughout the sessions I found Clara’s guidance very encouraging, empowering and refined, which helped me to stay heart-centered and authentic to all parts of myself that came up. 


We worked through some quite deeply entrenched aspects in a short time. Overall the sessions really boosted my mood and empowerment and gave me some insights into projecting a brighter more wholesome view of myself. 

Paula Chirstie


I was looking for a way to create lasting change after my ayahuasca experiences. I went for package one and spent the three sessions unpacking what had come up for me during the ceremonies. These were done over zoom. 


Clara is a great listener and made me feel at ease discussing everything that came up on my journeys. So far, integration has helped me be more compassionate towards myself and noticing when I need space and rest when emotions are high. 


Talking isn’t something that I find particularly easy but it flowed effortlessly as I felt no judgment from her just support and space to put into words my experiences.

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